Hey everyone! It’s been a while. I feel it should be best to inform of the progress on OIYD’s next chapter, along with some of the future goals I have moving forward for the comic.

A lot of the comic progress since last July was devoted mostly to script edits, plus thumbnailing most of the chapter. But to be honest, I was really close to burning out and I didn’t want OIYD! to suffer because of it. I needed to take a step back, to recharge before working on the comic again.

I’m also occupied with my other projects too (Amidst with the fanart posting I’m doing nowadays on social media. Not sorry about that!) so please give me more time to make Ch. 5 nice and strong. I’ll occasionally post some of my recent outings in the news panel. But till then, please wait a bit longer for OIYD’s return!

But of course, if you want to see those pages early, check its patreon for updates!

See you soon for Ch. 5!