“Cara Luong is tired of her failed dating attempts and settles for Richie, her imaginary lover every night in her sleep. When given a chance to meet him in person for the first time, she suddenly forgets their long-term romance! Will she see any potential dating a dream man? That is if she wants him to exist in the first place!”

This comic will contain some suggestive language & content, and partial nudity. PG-16.

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About the creator

Tuyetnhi Pham is a Vietnamese American illustrator from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She focuses primarily on watercolor while weaving in small narratives from her everyday life and the fantastical. Especially the sappy romance kind of sort. When she’s not drawing, expect her honing her letter-writing skills or astrology.

Website | Email: tuyetnhip.art@gmail.com / hello@tuyetnhip.com (for business/work inquiries)



Q: When does this comic update?

Uploads irregularly so once to three times per month nowadays! I announce any delays on Twitter if you like to know when I have a new page uploaded by checking the #OIYDcomic tag.

Q: How did you get the idea behind OIYD?

A: It came from a dream (believe it or not). My zine saccharine explains the dream in detail, but OIYD is the final result after a year of character development and planning. Most of the inspiration from “Absolute Boyfriend” by Yuu Watase though. But Richie’s not a robot, so no worries ahaha.

Q: OIYD! has a TVtropes page?

You betcha.

Q: Will OIYD become sexually charged as the comic goes on?

A: Do you mean it wasn’t already? I’m kidding. I had to tone down some of the erotic elements in favor of the emotional feedback both Cara and Richie are displaying. Maybe someday when I feel confident depicting such scenes but nevertheless, please enjoy what I have for now~

Q: Do you accept fanart?

A: I do! However, if you decide on creating NSFW fanart…please don’t send it to me! I’m not comfortable receiving unsolicited NSFW images if it’s not from my inner circles. If you’re not sure, please ask or message me!

If you have any questions about the comic, send your inquiries to oiydcomic@gmail.com. Thank you!