Q: When does this comic update?

Uploads irregularly so once to three times per month nowadays! I announce any delays on twitter if you like to know when I have a new page uploaded by checking the #OIYDcomic tag.

Q: How did you get the Idea behind OIYD?

A: It came from a dream (believe it or not). My zine saccharine explains the dream in detail, but OIYD is the final result after a year of character development and planning. Most of the inspiration from “Absolute Boyfriend” by Yuu Watase though. But Richie’s not a robot, so no worries ahaha.

Q: Will OIYD become sexually charged as the comic goes on?

A: Do you mean it wasn’t already? I’m kidding. I had to tone down some of the erotic elements in favor for the emotional feedback both Cara and Richie are displaying. Maybe someday when I feel confident depicting such scenes but nevertheless, please enjoy what I have for now~

Q: Do you accept fanart?

A: I do! However, if you decide on creating nsfw fanart…please don’t send it to me! I’m not comfortable receiving unsolicited nsfw images.