“Among her failing dating attempts, Cara Luong frequently visits her otherworldly lover in her sleep every night. But when given a chance to make her fantasies come true, her romantic exploits were forgotten! Now Cara and the fantastical Richie must sort out their predicament beyond the scope of dreams and reality itself. That is, if Cara wants such a person to exist in the first place!” 

This comic will contain some suggestive language & content, and partial nudity.

Also hosted on Tapas and Webtoon Canvas

About the creator:

Tuyetnhi Pham is a Vietnamese American illustrator from Grand Rapids, Michigan. She focuses primarily on watercolor while weaving in small narratives from her everyday life and the fantastical. Especially the sappy romance kind of sort.

Website | Email: tuyetnhip.art@gmail.com (for business/work inquires)

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